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Consultants for
organizational development,
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Operational Excellence

“Holistically value-stream oriented, with strong implementation …”

Lean Management

“A corporate system based on the fundamentals and principles of enabling production oriented toward value creation.”

Change Management

“Design organizations for the future, translate them at the operative level, and bring them to life with change management. Design and transformation with true added value.”

Project Management

“Bring projects successfully to their destination.”

Quality Management

“QUALITY is planned, developed, and produced!
QUALITY does not come from inspections!”


We drive digitalization in Supply Chain.“

Our Mission.

What we do.

We are corporate movers and shakers who discover the bottlenecks in organizations, regardless of industry, and take the shortest path to pragmatically root them out.

Our added value is that we generate measurable successes for our customers in the short term, and implement sustainable solutions over the long term.

Our customers say that we listen with honest interest and give them the right impetus to move to immediate implementation without losing valuable time. We concentrate on creating value in all areas of the company, and show how to raise customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing costs with motivated employees and higher product and process quality.

What are you waiting for?

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Our Approach.

How we work.

We can do both—provide strategic consulting and translate that strategy to the operational level. We create real added value with change management.

We think outside of the box to link new ideas with existing practices.

We ensure transparency, provide structure and direction, monitor effectiveness, and take on responsibility.

We always have clever ideas in our toolbox.

We work together with you to develop your topics. Working alone in silence is not our thing.

We integrate managers and their teams
to obtain the greatest possible commitment.

Actively engaging people is the key factor of our success.

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Current Challenges.

Our view of the market.

Companies in today’s disruptive world are continuously confronted with market conditions that change at a fast pace, and face the challenge of acting quickly to remain competitive. Globalization, digitalization, Industry 4.0, and societal changes toward a greater sense of purpose push companies to take action:

  1. Realignment of corporate strategies
  2. Focusing actions on customers
  3. Launching new organizational structures
  4. Adapting leadership models and structures
  5. Optimization and digitalization of business processes and products
  6. Factory relocation and outsourcing
  7. Strengthening and empowering workers for the future

Do you lack the knowledge, experience, and capacity to bring the necessary horsepower to the street and act with the future in mind?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

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